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By itself it refers to actual urine and is considered only mildly offensive in colloquial language. Made in Finland! In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or heading. A hiisi is a scary mythical creature whho as a giant, troll or devil, or its dwelling such as a sacred grove, burial site and on the other hand, hell. All Natural! The literal meaning is "to have a dick on the forehead".

Only Finland women who want free dick

For an augmentative expression, both in a positive or negative sense, helvetin can be prefixed into an adjective, e. The English expression God help me is an accurate and literal translation of jumalauta.

HD. The widespread verb vituttaa "to feel angry and depressed" originates from its meaning "to want vagina".

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Only Finland women who want free dick

See also: Hiisi Hitto is a relatively mild swear word, but still considered an expletive. Often used replacement words are jumankauta, jumaliste or jumalavita. An ad campaign for Church aid for third world countries used JumalAuta as an eyecatcher.

Derivative terms: helvetillinen "infernal". The word is in the same category as other "mild" swear words like "helkkari" or "himskatti".

A pejorative meaning can be dici by using the same helvetin "of hell" in front of a noun, e. Vitellaria tree, which Ball Wax is made of, is researched to be very low-allergenic, so it suits almost everyone.

Only Finland women who want free dick

Although it can be used to call someone names, it is not used as a swear word on its own cf. Inoffensive synonyms are the clinical term virtsa "urine" and the childish pissa "pee". Watch Finnish Girl porn videos for free, here on Discover Female Fantasy: Finnish girl masturbating while fantasize about public sex. 'VIRGIN spy finland fuck teen' Search, free sex videos.

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One of the funniest forms of using hitto word could be hitto soikoon, "may the hitto chime", and may be similar to the English phrase "Hell's bells". When referring to a man, it is nowadays sometimes combined with Swedish surname ending -qvist, to form mulqvist or mulkvisti, which is considered less harsh than mulkku. Hitto is usually translated Damn it. Some words used to replace it, depending on dialect, include helkutti, helvata, hemmetti, hemskutti, himputti, helkkari and himskatti.

Foreign visitors have been amused by the product "Superpiss" for windshield wiper fluid.

Only Finland women who want free dick

It would be easy to dismiss the product as a bit of a joke, but many men recognise that the scrotum area irritation can be a real problem during the Finlabd. However, since this lacks the undertones of profanity, a translation to goddamn it may be considered more correct. Female Fantasy: Finnish girl masturbating while fantasize about public sex.

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Derivative terms: kusettaa jotakuta "to defraud, to cheat someone ", similar in meaning as "to bullshit someone ", kusettaa in passive mood "feel an urge to urinate" these differ by case government : the former is always accompanied by a subject in the partitive casekusinen dici or "stained with piss" e. Helvetti translates to hell and has roughly the same meaning in the English language.

Only Finland women who want free dick

About this item A swift fix for sweating, itchy and bad smelling testicles. Ball Wax is an all-natural, hypoallergenic product.

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It has its roots in the Swedish word helvete, with the same meaning underworld punishment. This raised discussion for being too profane. The word pissa has drifted so far into everyday usage that in combined form pissapoika pissing boy it refers specifically to the squirter on Finoand windshield of cars.